About old computer promotion question

My four years ago have bought the Taiwan associatron, the memory 256, integrated obviously card.The motherboard forgot that was anything.
Now wants to add in 1G the certificate of deposit, obviously the card rises 128M, did not know that motherboard at that time can realize this promotion? Obviously the card wants the middle-grade words, approximately how much money?
The memory cheap 150 do decides, feared that your four years ago could support DDR, suggested that you saw clearly the spot! Were sure to remember! .Obviously the card has PCI-E connection words 500 to be able to achieve the mainstream level, ATI 3650 and NV8500 is good.in 1G the certificate of deposit more than 300 are not cost-effective.Adds 512M, more than 130.The motherboard must have the alone obviously slot to be able to promote.Cracks a joke, is 4 year ago motherboard how possibly the PCI-E connection? Most also is only AGP the 8X.memory must see clearly but actually, 4 years ago some motherboards only support the SD memory.Listens to my one, do not promote, traded one to be good!
4 year ago memory is DDR one generation, now possibly could not find, has found the price also expensive death to you, was unworthy!
Rises obviously the card? I look or consider as finished, other cannot dispose, the light obviously card good has P to use!
Couple of days ago I matched the computer 2800 Yuan to the friend to do decide, AMD4800+, Jin Shidu ddr2 667 1g, seven rainbows 8600 hope Czechoslovakia 160g sata, the technique fine motherboard, is monitor CRT

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