About notebook connection surfer question

My family’s table model computer surfer, the surfer does not use the digit dialing well, turns on the computer to be able on.Today takes carry back the notebook, inserts the mesh wire, demonstrated that connected has been successful, the right under two computers, a twinkle, did not glitter, on net.That side has also sent the network resource, but here cannot receive.What’s all this about.I have the anxious thing to download, which prawn helps the partner, do not duplicate in a pile of thing glue for me, I will also search for, but will not be able to understand.
Thanks Question supplement:I am on a stage, my family this surfer does not need to dial originally, turns on the computer to be able on.After the notebook brings, also inserts the mesh wire, I thought that could use directly, but was not good.Under the reminder, that side sent in 100 resources, I only then only could receive 2 resources, therefore could not come up.Ya

The right bottom demonstration connects successfully, only reminds you, the mesh wire turned in the network card, did not represent may access the net, LZ was on a computer is two????? If is one definitely is needs the digit dialing, if is two, opens the network connections, is forbid the postscript to use


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