About illusion tabletop question

About illusion tabletop question
Recently starting time presents the mistake, the general idea is frequently “only in designated window when aero color plan only then available dream screen”, then wants the reset tabletop background (i.e., may use illusion tabletop, but wants manual)
Moreover after starting advancement only then 13 (includes two WB the advancements)

Did not know that which prawn can under the help oh the ~~ hope change ~~ which it may open automatically thanks
VISTA illusion tabletop
The VIASTA user wants to use illusion tabletop several points:
1.you must be VISTA the ultimate user.
2.after installing VISTA the ultimate system, chooses in yours control panel’s security renews, choice extra renewal, including one item is windows dreamsence chooses him to renew the system, after the renewal finished, restarted the computer.
3.after restarting, your illusion tabletop might use, on your computer must have WMV or the MPG form video frequency document, if had only need strike right in the document may see to have supposes for a tabletop background item, clicked on OK.
4.when you may strike right in onlooking illusion tabletop’s time you on the tabletop have one item for the illusion tabletop control item, may carry on the control which the illusion tabletop uses and suspends.
5.if you use have the sound illusion tabletop you to be possible to open the illusion tabletop in yours tabletop duty fence’s right bottom click phonic control icon choice synthesizer the sound.
6.when after you renew, possibly presents “windows dreamsence to be unable to move, because has been forbid in the performance control kneading board “to demonstrate that the translucent choice rectangle”” this is because was forbid in yours establishment had demonstrated that the translucent choice rectangle, opened it, so long as struck the click attribute – high-quality system establishment – high-level lift-drag ratio – establishment right on yours tabletop computer – in demonstrated that in front of the translucent choice rectangle in the square hit the hook then.
7.when after you complete the above operation, also has the possibility to appear springs the dialog box “only to designate when windows aero color plan, only then moves windows dreamsence.This time you only need strike – the personalized – windows color and the outward appearance right on the tabletop – choose windows aero then.
After the above revision, if your computer is not an idiot, should not the question.

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