About computer recycling station question

I think the clear spatial recycling station, but not the careful spot to deleted the recycling station, on the tabletop did not have the recycling station icon, I found the recycling station in the search to look, wanted to return to original state, but only could build up the quick way the icon, asked the person of high skill to direct, how only then came the original recycling station icon to make, thanked.
The recycling station may delete? The mouse right key has not deleted this option ~ in the recycling station to ask how you are do delete? The right key tabletop – attribute – from the definition tabletop – return to original state default icon – determination, the incorrect words, you have replied, I said again, did not know what you concrete are, ha-ha Except the right key tabletop, the attribute, the tabletop, from the definition tabletop, the return to original state default icon, outside the determination method, after you may also try the right key tabletop, the attribute, the subject, to change a subject, determines tries.

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