1G the document, after the compression space is big, has compresses the biggest software?

Must look at the document type, usually txt can obtain the greatest compression ratio, if is had already compressed rar, iso, even after the compression processing RM video frequency document, not necessarily can compress how many.Cannot by Ge Quan.Because of heterogeneity’s document, their compression ratio is also is dissimilar.

For instance you have one, the 1G size documents.Then his compression ratio says is biggest.Because in the documents is redundant the content are many.Therefore is advantageous to the compression ratio enhancement.

But you, if wants to compress 400MB the movie, basically does not have the possibility.Because of his compression already to the end

However in the similar software the compression ratio biggest is not RAR, but is promising youth 7z.o(?_?)o…

Hoped that my reply has the help to you.Must think that very obviously you are east anything Selah, generally speaking does not need to want to be able to press to 800 below

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