Wants to play the mission to summon 2, how does my computer promote?

The mission summons 1 plays is very smooth, but plays 2 pictures to flutter very much!
My computer disposition:

Motherboard faint star K9NG NEO-V (integrated obviously card)
CPU AMD 3000+
Memory 2 512

The light adds an independent card line obviously, with any obviously card (price cheap spot)
Buys block 9600GSO 699?-799?
Or in the 8600GT market has 500? about card
Did not suggest that uses a card, a card actual game performance is worse than the N card, is only looked that the movie is friends with Yu NKA, but the N card in recent years many in the movie aspect progress, was not fan’s words already completely satisfied with the N card!

The memory was small, a CPU same, tried to find solution ultra, when game crisp spot.
If traded U to trade the motherboard, now AMD all was 940, if plate change might consider MCP78, integrated the GF8200 obviously card, was quite intrepid
.U may change into 5000+ black boxes, the cabbage price, 4XX less than 500, had bought now already 3000+ compared to the same year cheaply

The above only supplies the reference

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