My friend keeps hacking me? help please!!?

acceptable, so this so identified as “Frieend” maintains hacking me..she stated she know how to get the pass even if i dont inform her!! and we didnt inform her to begin with!! i altered my pass millions of times and blocked the woman’s.but your woman still hacks me.and also the worst aspect, she articles statuses related to who i prefer and dissing folks.every just one thinks it truly is ME.she furthermore wrote “mmmmm i love sex” upon my outlet and the parents spotted! ughh she is ruining playing! i am likely to deactivate the facebook and post a last status stating “im departing FACEBOOK permanently but when u continue to see brand-new statuses, it isnt us, i here’s being hacked.! ” in addition to just leave.but, what regarded as a do about my best mate ugh i’m not possibly calling her a friend, what regarded as a do about this girl folks are making enjoyable of me and intimidation me!!!:( we curse the morning when my partner and i made a new facebook acount..:( many thanks.

First thing you’ll want to do is usually run a great anti-virus software (that is updated) and ensure you have the newest updates for ones operating process and cell phone browser.It sounds if you ask me that the girl sent an individual a keylogger of which identifies each keystroke anyone make therefore changing your own password can nothing.After in which I’d contact facebook plus the local regulators while delivering them just as much evidence as possible obtain.All the best,

My guess is the fact that perhaps ‘you’ ended up logged towards facebook upon another laptop and have it established to ‘stay logged in’.So whenever she proceeds that personal computer, she is definitely logged on since you and could sabotage a person’s facebook consideration.

Try clicking the following:

Get into ‘Account Security’, and check it again ‘Browse implementing secure connection’ and then click help you save.Then go down a little to ‘Account Activity’, click this links of which say ‘End Activity’ in order to log from the other Squidoo sessions.

Expect this allows.

Protect your own account online.By preserving your consideration, your consideration can just be entered by your existing IP address and no other IP.That’s why, even if they have ones password that they wont have the ability to access ones account.

Expect This Allows!

She must’ve have hacked a person’s email account that could be making your makes an attempt to transform your password fruitless.In the event you participated in things like “100 Truths” as well as those persona questionaires where it gets that you answer personalized questions (i.e.favorite food, your property town, best friend’s appoint etc) she may very well be using these information to help answer the protection question when finding your way through “I forgot my password” page for ones email.Check ones email account’s password along with security dilemma and ensure that it’s possibly not something without difficulty guessed/found out there.

Such as said above, she may very well be using a keylogger/spyware trojan, nonetheless if she’s an idiot exactly who doesn’t realize anything regarding computers, she may very well be using using this method.

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