I want to be a blogger, how can I write good posts?

I want to become a blogger and blog about different things but I am not sure how to blog. don’t get me wrong I can blog I just have a hard time with spelling and grammar and all and I want my blog to be well written since I am a college student I feel that I can write better then what I do. and plus I am not sure what to blog about either. I wanted to blog about the trouble with schools or colleges and how it is hard to afford them and I also wanted to blog about how hard it is to live with people who are always yelling at u,pushing u and things like that but idk if they will be worthy or not. some things I am good at are: baking, teaching, cooking, fundraising, and I watch a lot of tv to and I like music but idk if those are worthy topics to blog about. I kinda wanted my blogs to say on the same topic line but idk how well I can do that. so please help me think of a good way to start a blog and how to keep it going.
so how can I write good blogs and keep my readers intent?

Use a spell checker (by the way your spelling and grammar seems almost perfect here!)
Be funny
Get inspiration (dont copy) from other people
Talk about what you like (itll be easier)
Say things people can relate to
Teach people things
Ask them for recommendations

Also have you tried vlogging?

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